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Beautifully Upgraded Blonde Strat


I'm selling my late '90s MIM Fender Deluxe Super Strat with a honey blonde ash body and tinted maple neck. I got this guitar brand new and it has been my baby ever since - a real player's guitar. The stock Fat Strat pickups did nothing for me, so I had Mansons Guitars of Exeter upgrade it for me with the following: [LIST] [*]Black plastics [*]3 Lace sensor pickups (Red at the bridge for a humbucker type output, 2 Golds in middle and neck) [*]Genuine Fender 25dB mid-boost kit (including TBX tone control) [*]Push-pull pot on mid-boost control for 7-way switching (Push-pull brings in the bridge pickup in positions 4 & 5) [*]Rear-routed battery box for quick and easy battery changes [*]Hiscox Lite Flite case missing the key and with one non-functional latch [*]Schaller Straplock buttons [/LIST] As standard, this guitar features vintage style gold hardware with full-size trem block (gold plating aging and wearing through 14 years of use), a modern C shape maple neck and medium jumbo frets. The guitar has it's share of dings and scratches - it has been gigged regularly and is certainly no case queen, but it has not been abused. The wear is commensurate with its age. The satin-finished neck is now quite glossy on the rear, but it does have a genuine "Played-in" feel. As for the negatives - there are only really 2 I can think of: [LIST] [*]The volume pot seems to be a little dirty - it crackles when turned, but otherwise functions OK [*]The trem arm snapped off in the block some years ago during a bit of a wild Ritchie Blackmore-type solo. The threaded part of the arm is still in the block, but you may want to upgrade the block to a steel one instead of the stock zinc block. [/LIST] I'm only selling because I have serious GAS for a Les Paul Traditional and I don't get on with Fender's modern C neck profile these days. I'm asking for £500 for this guitar - which I think is a fair price bearing in mind the upgrades and very high quality case.


Origin: Mexico

Cast: R/H

Condition: S/H

private Seller

Year: 1998

Availablity: Available

Price: ££500

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Seller Details


Username: spikypaddy
Location: Devon, England

Tel: 07973293083



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